At FPG, successful fund placement is underpinned by seamless partnerships with our clients. Our goal is to become a true extension of your firm from initial engagement to successful placement – and beyond.

Our team brings extensive fund-raising experience and a consultative approach to every assignment. This equips us to effectively position our general partners and communicate the most compelling “stories” to senior managers within pre-qualified institutional limited partnerships. As your partner, we operate as an internal resource and act in your best interests. In addition, the entire FPG team is integrally involved at all stages of the fund-raising process, so you benefit from the synergy of talents and a smoother execution.

Drawing upon our deep experience and breadth of investor relationships, FPG customizes each fund raise to maximize market acceptance. Ultimately, the success of the fund raise hinges upon a complete understanding of the fund from the outset.

T H E   F P G   P A R T N E R S   F U N D - P L A C E M E N T   P R O C E S S :

  • > Review Investment Strategy
  • > Identify differentiated characteristics
  • > Determine investor “appetite” for strategy

  • > Conduct extensive due diligence on the fund and the client
  • > Identify potential issues
  • > Due diligence consistent with that performed by LPs

  • > Develop marketing materials
  • > Prepare client for meetings with investors
  • > Develop targeted list of pre-qualified prospects

  • > Develop distribution plan
  • > Ensure that appropriate investors are being contacted and effectively
  • > Respond to all invest or information requests

  • > Manage the timing of closings
  • > Assist client in negotiating final LP subscription documents
  • > Maintain relationships throughout investment period of the fund to
       facilitate future offerings