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FPG Partners provides a full suite of alternative funds placement and strategic services that leverage the myriad of strengths within our dedicated, seasoned team. In todayʼs market, where investor appetites are highly specific, availability of funds outstrips demand and the average closing time has significantly increased; proving capabilities and alternative thinking are imperative to success.

At FPG, our role is to ensure that our clients are thoroughly prepared before the fund-raising process begins. Through our strategic planning efforts, we provide comprehensive advisory services and ongoing investor-relations management as part of each fund-raising effort. Forward-looking firms that anticipate potential or additional capital needs also benefit from the latter on a selective, à-la-carte basis.


FPG brings a unique combination of skill, discipline, and singular commitment to placement services. Due to our selective nature with engagements, each client receives an unparalleled level of attention and resources. Further, strategic identification of potential investors ease the fund-raising burden and compresses the timeframe for general partners.

Placement services address the following phases:

  • > Evaluate the market landscape and client strengths
  • > Strategically position the fund with targeted investors
  • > Create due diligence and marketing materials
  • > Determine investorsʼ true interest and investment capacity
  • > Offer guidance on preparing the most effective presentation
  • > Support the preparation of offering documents
  • > Participate actively in investor meetings
  • > Provide follow-up, negotiations and closing assistance